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Coles Bay Half ironman, here we come!

coles bay half

Written by Guy Besley, Latitude Travel Services,

Team Latitude prepares for Coles Bay;

Next Saturday the might and power of the Hahn Super Dry Team Latitude :-) will be hitting the course of Coles Bay for the Coles Bay Half Ironman Triathlon. Expectations are high for the boys, looking to snag all podium spots, although it may not be so easy. Matty White is relaxing in Thailand as we speak and the great young hope, Justin Brewer hasn’t seen his legs since Busso 8 weeks ago and has done no training.

Team Latitude

Tim Berkel

So it looks like the pressure will be on Tim Berkel, Current Australian 70.3 champion, to bring home the bacon, although he is racing Geelong this weekend which will make it hard for him to back up! But I have faith. Also, lets not look past Dan Robins, another of the young guns set to prove himself next weekend, and Adam Gordon, coming off a second place in the Pro men at the Hell of the West last weekend.

That said, I will have eyes on Murph (michael murphy), he is the BP of the team (the quiet achiever, lol) and he could pull out a win, I reckon he will be out to prove a point against the big names of White and Berkel.

Either way it will be a cracking race with some great talent both young and old racing at Coles Bay in Tasmania.

Team Latitude

Murph on the Charge

I am hoping to be able to watch the race, as I am hitting the starting line for the Team Subsidiary; Team Fatitude, in the sprint race and I’m already feeling the pain, compounded by a disastrous return to the bike last night… lol. So chances are I will be non compus to watch much of the half.

I should mention the “fill-in” Chef de Mission, Woodsy, he will be having a crack at the sprint too, he believes he may be inducted into the Team Fatitude hall of Fame, but his times will need to fall substantially to even get a look into the eclusive Team Fatitude Subsidiary!

Our main man, and Chef de Mission, Dr Mitch Anderson, is a late DNS, he decided that the competition was too fierce from the boys in the Team so has decided to sit this one out ;-) OK, not exactly a true story, but Ill run with it…. :-)



We are all looking very forward to a race and having a few Hahn Super Drys with the Taswegians at Coles Bay!!! Bring it on…

Want to know more about Team Latitude? Check our website. www.teamlatitude.com

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Port Macquarie, 70.3, Race Report from Addsy

Port Macquarie 70.3

This weekend I headed down to port macquarie 70.3 in pursuit of claiming some valuable kpr points , with a solid block in me and a good week at work I was heading in to port unsure of how the body would respond to an action packed last 6 weeks - as destination busso is coming up and between my coach, Gilsey, and I we were taking the race as a good chance for a hit out with no expectations.

Race morning and I wasn’t feeling to bad, the gun went and I found myself in a pack which I was stoked about, with a good swim I exited the water with Holbra, demitrieff, shortis in a pb swim of 24:40 which I was stoked with.

The bike leg is made up of two loops of 45 km with a mixture of hills and flat and, as I was 90 seconds down on the front boys I went about my business with a group of lads that I thought were strong, the 90 second gap should have not gotten bigger but it did with a lack of pacing threw boys happy to sit in 12meters back I found my self along with shortis on the front and by the time 90km had gone by I was ready to rip in to the guys but kept my calm. It’s simple if you want to sit up someone’s ass then don’t admit after the race and get on your bike more and do more miles.

Run leg started and it was frantic with appleton, demitrieff and myself screaming out of t2 we soon for some reason realised that threw 2km we had held 3.14km pace and that maybe just a little to quick, For myself the run went in waves i was fatigued had no stride then would come good this continued threw the hole run and just maybe the work I had done on the bike was coming back to bite me. I managed a run split of 1hr.20 which was ok as I juggled the fatigue and mental games.

What I really took out of this race was yes, I had a tough day, but I was able to draw from the miles and mental work Gilsey has done with me and battle to the finish and with that in mind I am truly pumped for one great lead into busso.

To sum the weekend up; I swam well, road strong and put together a run which was respectable, the things I can’t control around me are at the end of the day not worth stressing about and races are now becoming a lot more about tactics than mongrel.

Finishing 7th was a solid day and for ever becoming for competitive racing in the professional ranks, on wards and up wards.

Till next time


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Here comes Bec.

Next we would love to introduce Rebecca Hoschke, the Kentucky Kid, lol. Couldnt help myself with that comment. Although I doubt Bec would endulge in such a product :-)

Rebecca, all smiles…

We are looking very forward to seeing Bec race in Port Douglas on the 1st September.

A bit about Rebecca:

I’m an Australian long course professional triathlete based on the Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia.

A big thank you to my coach, sponsors, sports practitioners and my amazing friends and family behind me on this journey :-)

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First of the Big News… Welcome ladies…

Well guys we have some huge news to announce a bit later today, but I will start off by confirming a few of the Female members of Team Latitude

Nicole Ward – Pro triathlete

Welcome on board Nicole Ward, for those of you inthe know this is no surprise, Nicole has given Port Douglas the joy of her racing in the past and was already entered into the O2 Tr-Port Half iron Distance triathlon, so we of course had to lure her accross to be involved with the Team. Great to have her on board to assist us to promote this awesome sport!

A bit about Nicole:

Since competing in the sport of Triathlon Nicole progressed quickly into the professional ranks within Australia, becoming the 2008 Professional Australian Long Course Triathlon Champion and a consistent podium finisher in Half Ironman and Ironman distance events across Australia and overseas. Nicole’s key achievement in 2009 was placing second at Ironman Japan in a highly competitive international field, which earned her a spot to race at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Nicole was always very athletic as a child and competed at Australian National level for swimming and running over Cross Country and 800/1500m track distance events. After 10 years out of competition and racing, she took up Triathlon in 2005 and has never looked back. In her first season Nicole placed second in the NSW State Olympic Distance Championships and second in the NSW State Sprint Distance Series for her age group. From there Nicole decided to make the step up to the Half Ironman and Ironman distance events.

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Gerrans vs Baw Baw

http://www.7peaks.com.au Simon Gerrans takes on Victoria’s 7 Peaks in this series of four films. Watch as he tackles Australia’s only hors category climb, Mt Baw Baw, at an impressive pace. With a further three films to be released, stay tuned to http://www.7peaks.com.au.

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