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Here comes Leanda

Ok guys, I said it doesnt get much bigger than this athlete, and it doesnt! Leanda cave has jumped on board. Luckily Leanda has her family in Cairns and we have had the pleasure of her racing at the Tri-Port race a few years ago!Leanda doesnt need much introduction I’m sure.


LEANDA CAVE (Photo credit: thomas pix)


Although she will not be racing at this years O2 Creation Tri-Port Triathlon festival (much to the relief of the guys), we will be “nagging” her very nicely of course, to come down under soon. But she is certainly a beliver in what Team Latitude is about and what it stands for and is proud to have her name associated with us.

Welcome Leanda…. And yes, that is the Union Jack in her hands, but we know where she really hails from :-)

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