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Northeim Triathlon – Race report

Written by Michael Murphy:

Since being in Germany I have had a problem with my  lower left leg and have not being able to train and race to my full potential.  Whilst being away you learn a lot about yourself and how to overcome problems when things are not going to plan. Over the last six weeks this has been a massive learning experience on how to deal with things like this in a different country.

Coming into the race on the weekend I have had a solid training block of swimming and biking. The past two weeks I’ve eased back into running again. I didn’t know what to expect in this race as I did not have much running fitness behind me.

My plan in the race was to go off the front in the swim and let the other athletes race my race. I was able to do this by pushing the swim leg very hard and having a fast transition, which allowed me to open up a lead on the rest of the felid.

On the bike there was a head wind the whole way out, on the out and back bike course. Once on the bike I was able to find a good rhythm pushing into the head wind. I was able to maintain the gap coming off the bike.

On the run my legs felt better as the race went on and I was very happy to be running pain free again. Half way through the run the competitors were gaining a little bit on me, but I was able to focus on breathing and technique. This allowed me to cross the line in first.

Now I’m straight back into training, getting back to basics and getting solid days done nothing crazy. My next race that I am starting in is Sassenberg in two weeks, which is a middle distance race. (

My plan to finish off the European season is:-

– 4.8 Sassenberg

– 19.8 Witten (Maybe)

– 2.9 Hannover

– 8.9 Schliersee

With main focus on the Hannover and Schliersee which are my last two races in the Bundesliga.

Train Safe



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An Inspiration – Liv Cole

Written By Guy Besley, Team Latitude,

Ok guys its fair to say that this site appears to be about a bunch of professional triathletes pushing themselevs to the limits and winning races. But thats not really what its about. If you read the small print you will quickly gather its about Triathlon, the Sport, and what it means to all people is different! I have attached some footage below that is not only an inspiration, but captures the true essesnce of this great sport!

Liv Cole – an inspiration

triathlon is about personal goals and acheievments more than anything else, more that winning, beating a competitor or a bit of prize money! For the vast majority of athletes thattoe the start line of a triathlon, be it a super sprint enticer or an Ironman, the goal is the saem; Personal Acheivement!

So take the time to watch this footage, and absolute Kudos to Liv Cole for having the courage to put herself out there and fight her own fight!

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