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Port Macquarie, 70.3, Race Report from Addsy

Port Macquarie 70.3

This weekend I headed down to port macquarie 70.3 in pursuit of claiming some valuable kpr points , with a solid block in me and a good week at work I was heading in to port unsure of how the body would respond to an action packed last 6 weeks - as destination busso is coming up and between my coach, Gilsey, and I we were taking the race as a good chance for a hit out with no expectations.

Race morning and I wasn’t feeling to bad, the gun went and I found myself in a pack which I was stoked about, with a good swim I exited the water with Holbra, demitrieff, shortis in a pb swim of 24:40 which I was stoked with.

The bike leg is made up of two loops of 45 km with a mixture of hills and flat and, as I was 90 seconds down on the front boys I went about my business with a group of lads that I thought were strong, the 90 second gap should have not gotten bigger but it did with a lack of pacing threw boys happy to sit in 12meters back I found my self along with shortis on the front and by the time 90km had gone by I was ready to rip in to the guys but kept my calm. It’s simple if you want to sit up someone’s ass then don’t admit after the race and get on your bike more and do more miles.

Run leg started and it was frantic with appleton, demitrieff and myself screaming out of t2 we soon for some reason realised that threw 2km we had held 3.14km pace and that maybe just a little to quick, For myself the run went in waves i was fatigued had no stride then would come good this continued threw the hole run and just maybe the work I had done on the bike was coming back to bite me. I managed a run split of 1hr.20 which was ok as I juggled the fatigue and mental games.

What I really took out of this race was yes, I had a tough day, but I was able to draw from the miles and mental work Gilsey has done with me and battle to the finish and with that in mind I am truly pumped for one great lead into busso.

To sum the weekend up; I swam well, road strong and put together a run which was respectable, the things I can’t control around me are at the end of the day not worth stressing about and races are now becoming a lot more about tactics than mongrel.

Finishing 7th was a solid day and for ever becoming for competitive racing in the professional ranks, on wards and up wards.

Till next time


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Here comes another YOUNG GUN, Gudday Laura.

Laura Harris (better known as Loz).

Resides: Port Macquarie, NSW

Age: 23

Coach: Nicole Ward

Profession: PE Teacher (soon to be), Gym Instructor/PT

Pre-race food: Nutella and Red Bull

I grew up in Port Macquarie NSW. I have recently returned home to Port from Newcastle NSW after completing my university studies. I have been living back in Port finishing off my degree in Physical Education in which I’ll officially finish in October this year. I was always an active kid, playing representative basketball for most of life as well as cross country running at school.

I made the switch to triathlon in 2008 and immediately threw myself into long course racing. It was pretty new to me, having never been involved with swimming or cycling but I was up for the challenge. I guess growing up in Port and having the Ironman and the 70.3 come to town every year was pretty inspiring so I set the goal of completing my first 70.3 in October that year.

I was hooked after that and decided to race some more the following year. I had a few Age Group wins and podium finishes in 2009 and found myself racing in the ITU Long distance Age Group World championships in Perth later that year, finishing 4th in the 20-24 Age Group. I was later selected on the NSW Endurance Development Squad and have been a member since. Going away to training camps each year has been a great way of developing yourself as an athlete, meeting new people and building networks within the sport.
In 2010 and 2011 I continued to improve in racing results in long course and 70.3, qualifing for and competing at the World Ironman 70.3 championships in Clearwater, Florida, finishing 6th in the 18-24 Age Group, then 10th in the 18-24 Age Group the following year in Las Vegas.

Read her full profile..

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Intro – 2012 Urban Hotel Group Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie Race Week

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a video that I had produced last week during Ironman Australia. With the help of a very talented Videographer, Michael Wilkie, he captured the vibe and energy of race week, and some of the race footage. Later this week, I hope to have a longer version online covering the race highlights. I’m currently in Bora Bora on my honeymoon, but wanted to get this out, while the memory of the event is still in everyones minds. Port Macquarie had incredible race weather, and the crowds were amazing as usual.

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Checking in after my 2nd place at the 2012 Port Macquarie Ironman

Port Macquarie Ironman is a special race for me, it’s my hometown race and one that I hold dear to my heart. Being a hometown race I’m always under a lot of pressure to perform at my best and give it my all come race day. I arrived into town on Tuesday and spent the days before doing all the media commitments that comes with racing in my hometown. I also had my own media following me around 24/7 for this race as I’m doing a documentary on racing ironman and the whole race week preparations that are involved.
So race morning was a rather chilly one, my swim went well even though I ended up ripping my hand and my Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit to pices by swimming to close to a buoy obviously covered in something bloody sharp! Need to get a new wetsuit now…. I came out in around 6th spot with a time of 48:49.

A quick transition onto the bike and out for the 180km ride I went. Lucky for my wifey Bel as she got a chance to ride in the lead car for the day and was doing a marvelous job twittering my splits throughout the day. So for the first 90km Leon Griffin and I rode solid together but Paul Ambrose was absolutely killing it on the bike and was putting time into us. Unfortunately for Leon he got a drafting penalty and then I was on my own for the next 90km, something I would rather have not had to do. The back 90km I hit the wall at the 140km mark and had to roll for a bit and take in my SIS Bar and SIS Gels. I managed to get my $hit together and come back into town with a gap of around 13:20 minutes to catch Paul Ambrose on the run. Now the question running through my head was had I saved my legs enough for the marathon that was to come.

Another speedy transition and I was onto the run course, the course was 4 laps long, making it a lot more spectator friendly. At the half way mark I was 10 minutes down and the legs were still with me but not for much longer as the 39km mark my quads felt like concrete and at that point I only needed to find another 8 minutes to catch him. So with the final 5km to go I was 4:15 down and was running out of real estate. So down the finish shoot I went, I got 2nd place. A much deserved victory to Paul Ambrose – doing it in style of the front all day. I had the fastest run split of the day banking a 2:47.20 for the marathon. I live to fight another day and see everyone back in Port Macquarie for the 70.3 in November.

Thanks for all the support on course guys and stay tuned for the documentary coming out shortly. Thanks again to my family and family in law for coming down and supporting me, as well as my wifey for being a legend on twitter xx love you and of cause I can’t forget my Manager (Mike), coach (Gilsey, team Aeromax) and my awesome Sponsors: Scody,Daikin,Giant,Rockstar,Urban Hotels, Newton,Shimano,SIS, Oakley, Blue Seventy, Garmin, Coastline Chiropatic, Continental tyres, Gordan Street Cycles, Aeromax Coaching, Power Breath/Compresssport, Hypnotic Zoo

P.S but I bet your all super jealous now, where off on our Honeymoon to the exotic location of Bora Bora Tahiti where I will be sipping on Piña Coladas and lounging around the pool. See you all soon I will be revitalized and refreshed after this holiday without the bike!

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