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Yeppoon 70.3 Race report

On a mission for a solid race after some good form heading into the weekend and a hole new mental preparation from training off road I headed up to Yeppoon 70.3 hungry to go in quietly confident to have a solid hit out and hopefully turn a few heads. adam gordon

Race morning rolled around and as you no or may not no the race starts at a lovely 8am so having a sleep in and rolling down to transition bellow your balcony makes a very easy race prep (gold).

Swim start with a beach start and a one way swim had everyone full of nerves with a plan to hang on for dear life I managed a better start and found myself trying to hang off the back of White, Clarke, Whistler I entered transition just behind them as they were exciting transition so I new with some solid bike intensity prior to the race I would catch them and with in 15 km had caught and passed the boys – and said to Ollie I reckon we can get across he kinda looked at me with a blank look maybe thinking no chance but I new I was able to and set off with one mission only to bridge across the 2.30 and at 60 km had caught the boys passing Munro, Fox, Roch, Robbins, and a few others I sat to my power and pulled the train along to my disgust seeing someone’s front wheels shadow between my legs I new they were rather close.

A ride time of 2.13 and a pack of boys sitting on we entered transition with reedy showing his share class and fabulous form he was up the road by 7 minutes and Berkel picking up a very bizarre penalty we had a a big group of boys racing for the minor placing’s and the chance to sneak onto the podium it was on, A few boys went out like an ITU race but with in 8 km I found myself in 3rd with Berkel in sight – hitting the 16 km mark and still Berkel in sight I new I just needed to hang in there and stay strong and I would end up in 3rd. and contemplated so many things what if I cramp,what if I blow up, but with all the mental training I have learnt from Gilsey I held onto a very very memorable moment in my triathlon racing and crossed in 3rd.

The feeling of finishing in the pointy end is a feeling that is so rewarding and something I am in pursue of doing again very soon. What I have learnt from this experience moving forward is going to only make me stronger more confident in my ability and now i’m ready for more.

With out having amazing people in my corner I would not be able to race at this level and I have a wonderful support crew and want to thank you all so much for believing in me it’s amazing and I am truly grateful.

Next race sunshine coast 70.3 in 3 weeks.

cheers adsy



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Race Report – Beautiful Coles Bay “just finish this lap”

Coles Bay Half distance Triathlon;

Race time rolled around again and it was time to pack the bike up for destination Coles Bay half distance Tasmania.

OK, Im ready..

OK, Im ready..

For people not quite familiar with Tazzy it’s a beautiful place and once you board your form of travel and start heading around the coast towards Coles Bay and the Freychinet region you soon realise that the little island is a post card and absolutely beautiful part of the world.

Coles Bay was our Team Latitude’s second outing and one that was full of laugh’s and plenty of travel time to bond in the the van as we drove up the coast.

Coles bay is a beautiful Bay just 200km from hobart and it’s surroundings of land scape and beautiful crystal blew water show cases the ultimate scenic and unknown race with a massive opportunity to blossom as a race to put on your bucket list.

Unfortunately with a case of a solid chest infection I had been carrying for a while leading into the race I was restricted on power and heart rate threw the race as I would end up in a coughing attack and constant passing of bodily fluid made for a challenging  day i exited the water with zero energy and told myself just finish one lap of the bike and it will be ok, I hit the bike and was thinking the whole time it’s ok just do one lap and then pull it, I was riding in 7th at 45km and thought maybe I will just do the last lap, and so I did all along thinking it’s ok will not run just enjoy the ride and as the day unfolded this “just finish this lap” was the order of the day

"Yes mum, I am looking after myself!"

“Yes mum, I am looking after myself!”

As I put on my On racing flats –  the run being 21km made up of 5km concrete 16km of sand and 4 lap run course was again “just finish the lap” and I can stop – this repeated threw my head 3 laps and I found my self running along side team latitude team mate Dan Robins for a few km’s and I remember saying this place is beautiful.

To sum up my debut experience I would happily and honestly say the Coles Bay Half outweighs most races I have ever done whether in Australia, America, New Zealand, it is often the bigger races that people rave on about but until you get back to grass roots triathlon and community filled racing you surely do realise that there is more to triathlon than glitz,glamour and a red carpet.

Coles Bay 10 out of 10.

A few of the Team

A few of the Team

Big thanks to Guy Besley and the team at Team Latitude for a great weekend and can’t wait for the next adventure - Coles Bay Team Latitude athletes Dan robins, Michael murphy, Hadley and Matty White; all great lad’s giving back to triathlon well done guys.

Finally a quick shout out to the guys at Bikeride in Hobart for a last minute repair. It looked as though my race was over before starting, we shot into Bikeride and the team there couldnt do enough to help us on the spot! Thanks guys, much appreciated! So if your in Tassie and need a bike shop you cant go past these guys…

Stay safe

adam (adsy gordon)

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Port Macquarie, 70.3, Race Report from Addsy

Port Macquarie 70.3

This weekend I headed down to port macquarie 70.3 in pursuit of claiming some valuable kpr points , with a solid block in me and a good week at work I was heading in to port unsure of how the body would respond to an action packed last 6 weeks - as destination busso is coming up and between my coach, Gilsey, and I we were taking the race as a good chance for a hit out with no expectations.

Race morning and I wasn’t feeling to bad, the gun went and I found myself in a pack which I was stoked about, with a good swim I exited the water with Holbra, demitrieff, shortis in a pb swim of 24:40 which I was stoked with.

The bike leg is made up of two loops of 45 km with a mixture of hills and flat and, as I was 90 seconds down on the front boys I went about my business with a group of lads that I thought were strong, the 90 second gap should have not gotten bigger but it did with a lack of pacing threw boys happy to sit in 12meters back I found my self along with shortis on the front and by the time 90km had gone by I was ready to rip in to the guys but kept my calm. It’s simple if you want to sit up someone’s ass then don’t admit after the race and get on your bike more and do more miles.

Run leg started and it was frantic with appleton, demitrieff and myself screaming out of t2 we soon for some reason realised that threw 2km we had held 3.14km pace and that maybe just a little to quick, For myself the run went in waves i was fatigued had no stride then would come good this continued threw the hole run and just maybe the work I had done on the bike was coming back to bite me. I managed a run split of 1hr.20 which was ok as I juggled the fatigue and mental games.

What I really took out of this race was yes, I had a tough day, but I was able to draw from the miles and mental work Gilsey has done with me and battle to the finish and with that in mind I am truly pumped for one great lead into busso.

To sum the weekend up; I swam well, road strong and put together a run which was respectable, the things I can’t control around me are at the end of the day not worth stressing about and races are now becoming a lot more about tactics than mongrel.

Finishing 7th was a solid day and for ever becoming for competitive racing in the professional ranks, on wards and up wards.

Till next time


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Michael Murphy – Hannover Bundesliga – Race Report

By Michael Murphy (Report From Germany),

The Hannover Bundesliga race on the weekend was my home away from home race. The race start list had some of the biggest names in world triathlon and I was really excited to see how I compared against the best in the world after returning from injury only six weeks ago.

Eyes on the Road Rhonda!

Leading into the race my training has been running like clockwork, so I really wanted to attack the race from the start and give the home crowd something to cheer about.

At the swim start I was able to line up next to Maik Petzold and if I was able to hold his feet that I would be coming out of the water with the leaders. I was able to do this only losing his feet over the last hundred metres. I was 8thout of the water and I noticed that there was a gap behind me when exiting the swim. I pushed through T1 and saw the brake away only about 20 metres in front of me.

On the bike I was able to bridge the gap to the first group over the first kilometre. Once in the group the other athletes and were able to set a consistent pace. The group was able to ride another 30 seconds into the chasers and over an minute into the main field.

Once coming off the bike I knew that my run form would not be great after returning from injury, so I knew I had just hold as many chasing athletes off as possible. I was able to cross the line in 13th place in a world of pain. This race was really a shock to the system.

I was really happy with the race, there are a lot of positives to take away.  It was my best place at a Bundesliga event. I’m showing that I can match it with anyone in the world on the swim and bike. Hopefully after a few months of consistent run training I’ll be able to run myself into the top podium finishes in these big races.

Now I’m off to Schliersee this weekend for the last Bundesliga race. Schliersee to me is the most famous race in Germany because of the bike course and the run course is something that you could never imagine. T1 in the race is at the bottom of the mountain and T2 is at the top. Can’t wait, I’ll be having a go on the bike and hopefully be able to cross the finish line with or in front of some of my idols in the sport.

Train Safe,



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