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Race Report – Qld championhips.

The last time I did a duathlon was a couple of years ago, my memories of it were sure to never do another one, and as this years race schedule panned out it soon become reality I was headed down the duathlon way again.

As a great lead into yeppoon 70.3 the following week I headed north to ipswhich for the Qld duathlon champs where the distances were 10km run 40km bike 5 km run.

As the gun went and I ponded the possibility of running straight off the front I sure was pulled back into line when an Unknown amazing runner Peter Nowell ran  away and as I looked at my watch and was holding 3.15 pace I let him go thinking he surely cant keep that up but he did. After entering the transition in 29.20 I soon realised the run was a km short I set off in pursuit of the gazelle that was Peter Nowell and with in a short time had caught him and put him to bed and as you may or may not know the course was a hilly 4 lap run 5 lap bike and 2 lap run – so to my surprise I had the chance to really put some time into the chase guys, knowing there was still 3 laps to go I went about riding the up hills hard and trying to give myself more time up the road and it worked.

A great indicator of how hilly it was when there is 5 laps on a 40 km hilly hot mix 600 athletes and not one drafting penalty you no it was an honest ride. After hitting transition 2 min ahead I knew that I could settle in and concentrate on not drilling myself so I could race the following week, I ran a tidy 15.15 (short run)and finished 1st in a time of 01.48 which was exciting. It has left me wanting to go to Yeppoon knowing I have some speed and hungry to mix it with the boys up there.

So what’s different this past few months for me in training? With a whole new mind set and great knowledge of training with Grant Giles last year I have been able to apply some of his master mind methods and excellence and try doing some training on my own, I have adopted the Nerang forest as my running tool and the treadmill in the afternoons and not running on the concrete in 6 months has given me the ability to back up day after day and not to mention the constant ice bath foam roller and visits to www.mygcphysio.com.au. I  have also been riding with cyclist and swimming with the Burleigh surf club guys so it’s been great mind stimulation and something different and has given me the motivation to cross training but in a race simulation in training and in result has  enabled me to get threw the winter motivated and excited.

An over view of the Qld Duathlon champs was a successful and encouraging result 1st place and not all my petrol was not spent

Train hard, work even harder is my motto speak to you guys soon.



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Port Macquarie, 70.3, Race Report from Addsy

Port Macquarie 70.3

This weekend I headed down to port macquarie 70.3 in pursuit of claiming some valuable kpr points , with a solid block in me and a good week at work I was heading in to port unsure of how the body would respond to an action packed last 6 weeks - as destination busso is coming up and between my coach, Gilsey, and I we were taking the race as a good chance for a hit out with no expectations.

Race morning and I wasn’t feeling to bad, the gun went and I found myself in a pack which I was stoked about, with a good swim I exited the water with Holbra, demitrieff, shortis in a pb swim of 24:40 which I was stoked with.

The bike leg is made up of two loops of 45 km with a mixture of hills and flat and, as I was 90 seconds down on the front boys I went about my business with a group of lads that I thought were strong, the 90 second gap should have not gotten bigger but it did with a lack of pacing threw boys happy to sit in 12meters back I found my self along with shortis on the front and by the time 90km had gone by I was ready to rip in to the guys but kept my calm. It’s simple if you want to sit up someone’s ass then don’t admit after the race and get on your bike more and do more miles.

Run leg started and it was frantic with appleton, demitrieff and myself screaming out of t2 we soon for some reason realised that threw 2km we had held 3.14km pace and that maybe just a little to quick, For myself the run went in waves i was fatigued had no stride then would come good this continued threw the hole run and just maybe the work I had done on the bike was coming back to bite me. I managed a run split of 1hr.20 which was ok as I juggled the fatigue and mental games.

What I really took out of this race was yes, I had a tough day, but I was able to draw from the miles and mental work Gilsey has done with me and battle to the finish and with that in mind I am truly pumped for one great lead into busso.

To sum the weekend up; I swam well, road strong and put together a run which was respectable, the things I can’t control around me are at the end of the day not worth stressing about and races are now becoming a lot more about tactics than mongrel.

Finishing 7th was a solid day and for ever becoming for competitive racing in the professional ranks, on wards and up wards.

Till next time


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Northeim Triathlon – Race report

Written by Michael Murphy:

Since being in Germany I have had a problem with my  lower left leg and have not being able to train and race to my full potential.  Whilst being away you learn a lot about yourself and how to overcome problems when things are not going to plan. Over the last six weeks this has been a massive learning experience on how to deal with things like this in a different country.

Coming into the race on the weekend I have had a solid training block of swimming and biking. The past two weeks I’ve eased back into running again. I didn’t know what to expect in this race as I did not have much running fitness behind me.

My plan in the race was to go off the front in the swim and let the other athletes race my race. I was able to do this by pushing the swim leg very hard and having a fast transition, which allowed me to open up a lead on the rest of the felid.

On the bike there was a head wind the whole way out, on the out and back bike course. Once on the bike I was able to find a good rhythm pushing into the head wind. I was able to maintain the gap coming off the bike.

On the run my legs felt better as the race went on and I was very happy to be running pain free again. Half way through the run the competitors were gaining a little bit on me, but I was able to focus on breathing and technique. This allowed me to cross the line in first.

Now I’m straight back into training, getting back to basics and getting solid days done nothing crazy. My next race that I am starting in is Sassenberg in two weeks, which is a middle distance race. (

My plan to finish off the European season is:-

– 4.8 Sassenberg

– 19.8 Witten (Maybe)

– 2.9 Hannover

– 8.9 Schliersee

With main focus on the Hannover and Schliersee which are my last two races in the Bundesliga.

Train Safe



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Running Again

Two months out of surgery on my right knee and I'm up to 3/4 mile. Granted, it's at a 12:00 pace, but who cares? I'm running again and it's pain free.

After surgery on my right knee last October and before I started running again, I had an MRI done on my left knee to make sure I wouldn't make things worse by ramping up my running again. As it turned out, I had the exact same tear in my medial meniscus in my left knee that I had in my right. It wasn't as bad and the flap that had torn did not fold over on itself - which is why I never had any left knee pain - but there was some VERY minor damage in my lateral meniscus. So, when they went in for surgery they fixed both.

I was originally going to wait until this fall to have surgery on my left knee, but there really was no reason to wait any longer and it was keeping me from running so I went ahead and had it done.

Ok, back to triathlon

It's not that I've been sitting on my couch every night eating potato chips while watching the Biggest Loser (actually one of my favorite past times...but popcorn or ice cream, not chips) - but it was pointed out to me by a friend this evening at Master's swimming that my blog is not only about triathlon.  She mentioned the prior name of my blog "The Triathlon Saga" (only because better versions of that were taken by people who haven't blogged since like 2006 - I mean, seriously, let someone else have it...and while I'm ranting, domain squatting is bad enough, but blog squatting?  Come on.  Check out http://triathlon.blogspot.com.  It's not been touched since 2005 and looks like a 6-year old created it but lost interest after 3 minutes.) and it didn't occur to me at the time that I'd actually changed the title.

So, training.  What have I been doing?

After last year's less than stellar Ironman Coeur d'Alene performance and 4 successive years of faster running times, but significantly slower cycling times I'm only doing Olympic distance races and shorter this year.  So far, I'm registered for 3 races but hope to pick up one or two more local races in August and September.  Training-wise, I dropped my coach after the Ironman and when I started training again last fall, I simply never signed back up.  It's not that I didn't think the coaching was good or it was worth what I paid - It's just that I thought for a rebuilding season, I could do it mostly on my own with some slight guidance here and there.

I can tell you without hesitation that it is MUCH harder not having a coach to provide you with a training schedule than to provide you one for yourself.  Problem #1?  I never actually sat down and mapped out my weekly training schedule.  It wouldn't have been hard, I have over 7 years of data from which to glean workouts and a training regimen.  It's just that I never made time to sit down and actually do it - which, admittedly was pretty lazy on my part.

So, now I'm training.  I'm not winging it, but I don't really have any set workouts save for Master's swimming and then, it's really only the days in which I go swimming, not the actual workout contents.  That's reserved for our hairless (he showed us today) German Master's coach, Wolfgang.

I kind of want to see where my races actually go before panicking, but two of them are on back to back weekends and are less than a month away now so there's not a ton I can do at this point to perform magically.  I do know my running is not where I want it to be, i.e., it's slower than last year.  Not by a huge amount, but it's noticeable.  I'd like to think my cycling has improved dramatically but without really any benchmarks other than a TT in which I averaged almost 26mph but still managed to place 31/39 I have no idea where it's really at.

Additionally, when I started running again, I switched to using only the Vibram 5-Fingers for almost 6 months before my distances got too high and I wanted to get some racing flats to give me a little more cushion.  So, I don't know if that's got something to do with the slower speed.

All that said, I find it interesting that as I focus more on one sport, the other two lapse noticeably.  I'm not talking about going from swimming 1:30/100m to barely making 2:00/100m or running 7:00/miles to not being able to run 8's, but I do find that it's harder to hit those 1:30s without paddles, or to sustain that 7-minute pace for more than a few miles.  Also, as I'm doing a lot more speed work, I notice that my body is more fatigued on a day-to-day basis than I can ever recall before.

Monday is the Bolder Boulder.  I'm in wave B (the 4th wave, I think) and while I know my running isn't where I want it to be, it will be an interesting test of where I'm at.