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Making a bad year good!

2013 in review, By Matty White,

Sorry I have been a bit slack on the blog front lately as things have been crazy hectic on the homefront as well as starting up my new coaching business! I hope to be on top of things more in 2014 to keep everyone updated on my racing and sponsorships.

Coles Bay 2013

Coles Bay 2013

2013 started ok with wins in Albany and Coles Bay and a few other solid local results leading into Cairns Ironman where I went in underprepared and finished solid 6th. After Cairns I decided to take a punt on Metaman where there was great prize money and support offered to pro athletes (over $150k). Unfortunately I got really sick through the Adelaide winter and picked up just about every bug going around, and for those of you that have kids you will understand what I mean as my daughter started to approach 1 years old and the ensuing interaction with other children lead to a lot of colds in the Whitehouse.

I also made a few mistakes over winter one of which was doing a 10 hour training day straight after a big concussion (this could be a good excuse for taking wrong turns in races) and also staying in an altitude tent while suffering from a cold/flu.  All these contributed to a long day of mental and physical suffering at Metaman in 40 degree heat where I still finished  4th! This race was very challenging but in the same sense beautiful and scenic. The run lap is torturous  6 lap course on a jungle track in oppressive heat. In saying this though I hope to return next year with the goal of winning and taking care of some unfinished business.

image2After Metaman there were a few false starts as I was still recovering from Metaman and illness, but managed to find my feet with a strong confidence building result at Murrayman LD in November with a solid  2nd. I had won this race 4 times and never been beaten but Dave Mainwaring had a great day and I was only a few minutes down after leading off the bike. I then moved on to Shepparton where I had a solid 4th place and a great run, this giving me good confidence leading into Busselton Ironman where after a disaster in the water I drove the bike hard to ride a 4:27 (2nd fastest) and place myself in 2nd place for the first few laps of the run before fading into 5th at the end in 8:25. They say you cant win an ironman in the swim but having a bad one at this level can really affect your race which it did that day as the hard ride took a lot out of my legs in the later stages of the marathon.

image4After Busso I kept plugging away with a relatively light week leading into a big block over xmas as I was racing Albany Half and Challenge Wanaka. We have a holiday house about 180km north of Adelaide where we spent xmas, so time trialling up there and back with a strong run/swim block has got me right on track for Wanaka next week, but after xmas I went to Albany to try and win the race legitimately this time (I won last yr but was DQd for littering) unfortunately this year I missed the bike turn off at 85km and kept riding another few kms down the road as the sign blew down for a left turn! This was disappointing on a few fronts as I was in 2nd and was confident of a really fast run, but I am sure this is not the first nor last time I will go the wrong way in a race. I just wish it would happen when I was having a bad race not a good one!


Overall though I am still happy with 2013 even though I had a rough patch in the middle of the year, as a pro athlete you would be niaive to think that each year is going to be better than the next , but in the same sense its really important to learn from mistakes and push through the bad patches. I find you can gain strength from picking yourself up off the ground during bad patches and perform again at a high level.

For 2014 I am aiming on setting my schedule a little better with the aim of grabbing an ironman win along the way, this will mean focusing entirely on certain events during the year and getting the best out of myself in the races I am competing in.

I will release my schedule in the next week as I am finalizing it currently.

Take Care



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First of the Big News… Welcome ladies…

Well guys we have some huge news to announce a bit later today, but I will start off by confirming a few of the Female members of Team Latitude

Nicole Ward – Pro triathlete

Welcome on board Nicole Ward, for those of you inthe know this is no surprise, Nicole has given Port Douglas the joy of her racing in the past and was already entered into the O2 Tr-Port Half iron Distance triathlon, so we of course had to lure her accross to be involved with the Team. Great to have her on board to assist us to promote this awesome sport!

A bit about Nicole:

Since competing in the sport of Triathlon Nicole progressed quickly into the professional ranks within Australia, becoming the 2008 Professional Australian Long Course Triathlon Champion and a consistent podium finisher in Half Ironman and Ironman distance events across Australia and overseas. Nicole’s key achievement in 2009 was placing second at Ironman Japan in a highly competitive international field, which earned her a spot to race at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Nicole was always very athletic as a child and competed at Australian National level for swimming and running over Cross Country and 800/1500m track distance events. After 10 years out of competition and racing, she took up Triathlon in 2005 and has never looked back. In her first season Nicole placed second in the NSW State Olympic Distance Championships and second in the NSW State Sprint Distance Series for her age group. From there Nicole decided to make the step up to the Half Ironman and Ironman distance events.

Read More…

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Northeim Triathlon – Race report

Written by Michael Murphy:

Since being in Germany I have had a problem with my  lower left leg and have not being able to train and race to my full potential.  Whilst being away you learn a lot about yourself and how to overcome problems when things are not going to plan. Over the last six weeks this has been a massive learning experience on how to deal with things like this in a different country.

Coming into the race on the weekend I have had a solid training block of swimming and biking. The past two weeks I’ve eased back into running again. I didn’t know what to expect in this race as I did not have much running fitness behind me.

My plan in the race was to go off the front in the swim and let the other athletes race my race. I was able to do this by pushing the swim leg very hard and having a fast transition, which allowed me to open up a lead on the rest of the felid.

On the bike there was a head wind the whole way out, on the out and back bike course. Once on the bike I was able to find a good rhythm pushing into the head wind. I was able to maintain the gap coming off the bike.

On the run my legs felt better as the race went on and I was very happy to be running pain free again. Half way through the run the competitors were gaining a little bit on me, but I was able to focus on breathing and technique. This allowed me to cross the line in first.

Now I’m straight back into training, getting back to basics and getting solid days done nothing crazy. My next race that I am starting in is Sassenberg in two weeks, which is a middle distance race. (

My plan to finish off the European season is:-

– 4.8 Sassenberg

– 19.8 Witten (Maybe)

– 2.9 Hannover

– 8.9 Schliersee

With main focus on the Hannover and Schliersee which are my last two races in the Bundesliga.

Train Safe



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An Inspiration – Liv Cole

Written By Guy Besley, Team Latitude,

Ok guys its fair to say that this site appears to be about a bunch of professional triathletes pushing themselevs to the limits and winning races. But thats not really what its about. If you read the small print you will quickly gather its about Triathlon, the Sport, and what it means to all people is different! I have attached some footage below that is not only an inspiration, but captures the true essesnce of this great sport!

Liv Cole – an inspiration

triathlon is about personal goals and acheievments more than anything else, more that winning, beating a competitor or a bit of prize money! For the vast majority of athletes thattoe the start line of a triathlon, be it a super sprint enticer or an Ironman, the goal is the saem; Personal Acheivement!

So take the time to watch this footage, and absolute Kudos to Liv Cole for having the courage to put herself out there and fight her own fight!

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