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No F1 cars in sight but I needed one at Challenge Bahrain


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.47.15 pm You could have mistaken this race for something completely different after seeing triathletes entering a F1 circuit. Knowing that this has been a custom built course for super fast cars to go whizzing around on just makes me want to jump into one for a few hot laps. Anyone have Daniel Ricciardo on speed dial? But the fun didn’t stop there.

Ohhh Challenge Bahrain, I can’t convey the overwhelming excitement when you stay in such a beautiful hotel and then to also have your very own driver who will take you anyway at anytime. You may think that all this travelling and racing we get to stay in 5-star hotels. I hate to burst the bubble, but this isn’t the case, usually. The attention to personal service was just breathtaking and something I’ve not experienced anywhere before.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.46.20 pmThe whole Challenge Bahrain team have produced a spectacular event, one that has not just impressed the athlete’s but has also gone a long way to supporting the spectators. As you know, online viewing of events seems simple, right? But it seems a lot of people can’t get it right. Challenge has nailed the online broadcasting. They did it without any problems which have hampered many other events in the past. What a way to ensure fans all around the world can watch the best athletes hit it out. Also throw in Jan Frodeno and Macca and you’ve got some really knowledgeable people to talk tactics and give great insight.

Let’s now move away from the all-day buffet and get into my race and how it unfolded.

Don’t be fooled by the calm and warm conditions here in Bahrain. Thankfully I went for a full wetsuit as the water temperature was a little cooler than first expected. The swim took place in the bay with an out and back format. Sometimes I can be lucky and not get involved in any water carnage, but this time I didn’t. Hands, elbows, legs, you name it, hit me during the first few minutes – not intentionally though. Then add in the fact that my goggles were hit hard a few times and even fill up with water twice. Ahhh well, that’s racing for you.

Heading into the turnaround point, we were single file. I’d finally got myself into my race rhythm and slowing getting the arms turning without incident. I was happy to sit by why others made a few changes in the group. Coming out of the water and into T1 I was in the second bunch. I did a quick check as to who was a head of me – I counted about 6 guys, including 3 Aussies, Brad, Luke and Tim. All of these guys are fairly string swimmers compared to me. Thankfully I wasn’t too far off the pace with a 22:41 either – around 1:30 down.

The bike course was something I was really looking forward to. Super smooth roads and the new 20 meter non-drafting rule. More on the non-drafting rule a little later on. This course was designed for one thing and one thing only, go fast. There certainly wasn’t much in the way of hills either with around 220 meters of elevation of the course.

During the first part of the ride I was getting dropped like a hot potato. No sooner had I got comfortable and I would get passed again. I felt very sluggish.

My tactics to this point as I was starting to mentally checkout were;

  1. just get through the bike and look forward to the run
  2. draft zone is harder but works in my favour
  3. a tailwind
  4. check the road markings as I don’t want any penalties

Could someone remind me when and where was the tailwind as I must have missed them? The first half of the bike I managed to push out around 273 watts for an average speed of 42km/h.

The back half of the bike I seemed to pull it together a little. My legs and mental attitude were both going in the right direction now and I settled in for a good last half. Coming into T2 I averaged 264 watts with an average speed of just over 42km/h.

Onto the run and where I was hoping to peg a few places back, or so I had pictured doing that. I came out of T2 in 12th position and had a bit of work to do to at least make the top ten. For a course like this, you are going to need to stay very fast and run an average 3:30/km to stay in the hunt for a good result.

Just like the bike leg I’d felt fairly flat and was being past like I was standing still. I just kept telling myself, “run consistently in the back half and you’ll make some ground up.” I kew after the heading out of T2 with a deficit of around 8 minutes I’d need a miracle to get a podium.

Ticking off the first 3.5km mark and I wasn’t showing greta signs of speed running an average of 3:43/km. Thankfully the sun hadn’t really reared its head and was a pleasant 21 or I was going to be in for a long day in the sun. Again, getting halfway through the run I felt better and was picking up the pace. I was now ticking of the kilometres in around 3:38/km and had made up some places that I’d lost at the start of the run.

B4KIJm4CUAAAg1BTowards the closing part of the run is where I made up a few places with a few 3:30s/km. Overall, my finishing time was 3:47:01 which put me in 10th position.

Huge congrats to everyone especially my mate Tim Reed who killed it out there to come home in 3rd place. Business class home for you now.

So that closes out my 2014 season and what a joy it has been. I really look forward to coming back here next year for another go.

Bigger than big, it’s Giant


There’s nothing more satisfying than having a team around you that believe in you. And today that’s what Giant have done – believed in me.

I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve just resigned with Giant for at least another 2 years… hopefully more to come after that. The guys here in Australia have been the best! They are so professional and have believed in me for a while and I can’t thank them enough for all their support. So it looks like they are stuck with me for a few more years. :)

I really look forward to working closer with the local team here in Australia and also the global team on some really exciting things. There’s so much to get excited about. But more on that another time.

So for now, get out there and Ride Giant.

Things just weren’t right in Shepparton


Before stepping into the rain this morning I knew it was a 50/50 chance of me getting to the finish line in one piece, or in this case, with my hip functioning correctly.

It’s no secret that hip issues plague this sport and from time to time I’m one that has a hip problem. A few days ago while picking up my bike I felt a little twinge and knew right away that I was going to struggle unless I had it looked at – which I did. Fast forward a few days and I had another physio attempt yesterday to sort it out which I was not entirely sure was going to be the fix I needed. Today showed that I was correct in my thinking. Needless to say I wanted to solider on and see how far I could go.

Entering into T1 in the large pack of 8 with Josh ahead by about 1:30 minutes and feeling really good. Out on the bike I wasn’t getting comfortable and truth be told the weather was eating into me kilometre by kilometre. Looking down at my Garmin and seeing how far was left and how bad I was now feeling I believe that exiting the race following the end of lap one was in my best interest.

A huge congrats to Josh Amberger and Stickys for hard fought race due to challenging conditions.

I can’t wait to get back here and give it another crack.




Pre-race chat before Challenge Shepparton

A quick pre-race chat before the 2014 Challenge Shepparton race.

It’s Fat Black time


It’s not often I get a little downtime to chat with Kristian and Pete on their awesome podcast. I’m usually the one listening rather than being interviewed.

Here’s the topics we cover;
Mental preparation for Kona
Dealing with low points
Getting the hunger back
Learning to take care of the body
Fuelling the machine
Finding enjoyment in the day-to-day
Racing happy
Using mentors
Understanding coaching relationships
Staying in the moment when under pressure


Optimised for speed


I’ve been part of the Scody family for as long as I can remember and throughout this time I can’t remember a more exciting time for them and I.

I truly love my Optimise A.I.R Tri Suit. It’s fast and the most comfortable suit I have ever worn. No more chafing and I also get great protection from the sun… especially in Kona.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2_14_12 pm

A must for any triathlete – Triathlon World Summit


Kristian and Pete have put together a remarkable group of leaders in triathlon and you can benefit.

The summit will bring you insights from 23 of the best minds in the sport. You get key insights from improving your performance to health and wellbeing.

And wait, the best part is, it’s free. It kicks off on the 9th of November. Head over to Triathlon World Summit and sign-up.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.38.04 pm

I’m now an Endurance Junkie

Ironman Bolton

I had a great chat with Peter on the endurance Junkie Podcast.


Post-Kona chat with First Off The Bike


Always great to chat with the guys at First Off The Bike.


No holding back


He’s not just a clothing brand with substance.

He’s the real deal.

I chat with the man himself. Enjoy!