The Livinator

The Livinator!

While the rest of the team are fighting for overall Line Honors, Liv is fighting her own Battle….

OK, Liv isn’t a pro, or a semi-pro, in fact she is far from it. BUT Liv is on board because she epitomizes what Triathlon is about! Guts, Determination and overcoming all obstacles! I could argue that her courage is greater than any others on this list of Elite Athletes.

No, we won’t be bringing amateurs into the mix, but Liv was asked to get on board because of the exact reason she is doing Triathlon! We wish her all the best!

Not to mention, she is now our Team “Head of Media” :-)

Name: Liv “The Livinator” Cole

DOB: 02/10/1985

Lives: Cairns, North Queensland.

Coach: Mitch Robins

Liv has not only made triathlons her passion but has changed her whole world around. Last year, Liv had started her journey in beating obesity and overcoming depression. Her first Triathlon started at Tri-Port weighing in at 120kg and only a couple of months into her new fitness regime. This was a quite challenging task for Liv, but at the end of the day she didn’t let anything get in her way and completed it in 1hr48min. Her passion grew stronger and stronger by training for 6 days a week. Seven months after her fast Triathlon, she competed in the same course at Coral Coast Triathlon and beat her time by 60mins. “My weakest leg at the time was definitely the swim, pretty much coming out last (55th position)” explains Liv. “However, the strongest leg is the bike. I moved from 55th position into 1st for the females category”.

Amongst her training she is studying at James Cook University in Sports and Exercise Science to become an Exercise Physiologist. It doesn’t stop there for Liv either, she is finishing off her Certificate 4 in fitness. This is one young lady that enjoys pushing herself to see the ultimate outcome of success. The future is something that Liv looks forward to everyday but never forgets her past.


Upcoming Events:

TriPort – Sprint 2012

Cairns 70.3 Ironman 2013

Ironman Melbourne 2014

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