Dan Robins

Dan Robins

I’m 21 and living and studying a full time Physiotherapy degree in Newcastle NSW.

I grew up in Port Macquarie and I guess after mucking around on my bike with Mitch Robins (my Brother) and guys like Tim Berkel etc in Port Macquarie it gave me the idea to give some triathlon’s a go.

Since moving to Newcastle, and especially the past eight months or so, i’m starting to take the whole thing a little more seriously in terms or training and racing and have hooked up with a couple of coaches down here in Newcastle which is going really well.

After having a chat with a few people i’ve decided to give a couple of long course races a go this season, as well as trying to keep my studies going, and have heard from some of the guys that the Port Douglas race is a killer race and a good fun weekend, and one I’d love to have a go at for my first longer race.

Some results this year include:

  • Port Stephens Olympic Distance Triathlon (May 2012) – 5th place overall
  • Sparke Helmore Olympic Distance Triathlon (March 2012) – 1st place overall
  • Dave Swam Memorial Triathlon (January 2012) – 1st place overall *course record.

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