Ollie Whistler

Name: Ollie Whistler

DOB: 19/12/1987

Age: 24

Height: 190cm

Weight: 76kg

Lives: Lord Howe Island is home, but currently live on the Gold Coast. I’m a Sydneysider though!

Coach: Grant ‘Gilesy’ Giles (Aeromax coaching)

Mentors/Consults with: Kristian Manietta (Trispecific), Kev Poulton (cycling)

Years in sport: 5 years but turned professional in September 2009

Favourite thing about triathlon: Provides the opportunity to push my ability and break self-imposed limits we sometimes attach to ourselves. Triathlon is a journey into self development and the discovery of ones inner being. I also love the people I meet and hopefully inspire them to exceed their expectations.

Strongest Discipline: I love all three and am becoming more accomplished as a Triathlete… but my bike is naturally pretty solid.

Triathlon Idol: Greg Welch and Chris McCormack are my my childhood heros, but I am a junkie for admiring talent and respect anyone one competes.

Pre race Meal: Gourmet pizza, a cold Erdinger and a gelati for desert.

Favourite Training tools: Paddles, Computrainer, treadmill, Garmin.

Other interests: Music, food and wine (eating/drinking and cooking), traveling and fashion. I am also very interested in personal development and learning as much as I can about the psychology and psysiology behind what I do with my body…

Personal Motto: “Dream something so big it scares and excites you at the same time, the harder you work at it the luckier you get, live that dream, and then love every moment…”

Favourite Quotes:

  • To be a champ, you must believe in yourself when nobody else will.”
  • “Don’t be affraid of the distance between your dreams and your reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”
  • “Life has, indeed, many ills, but the mind that views every object in its most cheering aspect, and every doubtful dispensation as replete with latent good, bears within itself a powerful and perpetual antidote.”

Favourite movies: ‘The Boat That Rocked’, ‘I Love You Man’ and ‘In Time’.

Favourite food: Japanese (in particular a sushi train) and dark chocolate. Other treats are banana bread and carrot cake.

Favourite Drinks: Coffee served strong and regularly in a cup or glass (not mug), Asahi, a glass of red, or any herbal tea.

Most played artists on ipod: Jesse Whistler (my sis), The Aston Shuffle, Bombay Bicycle Club, Caribou, Chet Faker, Cut Copy, Gypsy and the Cat, Little Dragon, Memory Tapes, Oliver Tank, Radiohead, Tame Impala.. just to name a few.

What I cannot go a day without: Waking up in the morning and laughing at myself in the mirror… never take yourself too seriously and lifes no fun without a laugh! This is then closely followed by a coffee. My two favourite things in the morning.

In his short time in the sport, Ollie has made his mark as an upcoming young Australian talent! This was recognised by Triathlon New South Wales whom selected Ollie to be supported by the NSW Endurance Development Squad. This was introduced by Triathlon NSW to help guide and fund Australia’s best young endurance athletes in pursuing a full time international racing career.

Originally involved with Triathlon due to a childhood love for the sport grown from watching and idolising close family friend and previous Ironman World Champion, Greg Welch, Ollie now pursues a ‘career’ in Triathlon simply because it’s what he’s always loved and dreamt of doing. Despite his early introduction to the sport, it wasn’t until he graduated from ‘The Kings School’ that he started competing himself. “Although I wasn’t training or racing as a Triathlete throughout my schooling, there was always a burning desire deep within me to follow in Welchy’s footsteps and one day win the Ironman world championships in Hawaii.” Over the last four years, Ollie has shown what he is prepared to do to achieve his Childhood dream and gone from being a beginner age group athlete, to one of Australia’s most accomplished young talents in long course Triathlon and is seen consistently on the podium at the highest level both nationally and internationally. “I love what I am doing and am prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil a lifelong dream. I have no intentions of stopping until I either reach my ultimate goal, find something I love doing more, or fail in the process.”

Whilst Ollie has high expectations of his own personal achievements within the sport, he is also a passionate ambassador for Triathlon and would like to help it grow in popularity and status and bring it to the forefront of the media and marketing to provide aspiring athletes more support and opportunity to reach their potential. “Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t able to ‘make it’ in Triathlon due to lack the of opportunity rather than their lack of ability. It would be special if I could give back some of what the sport has given me.”

Ollie has just completed his first year as a professional and will take his first win at Canberra City Half Ironman Triathlon as confidence going into a bigger and better 2011 season. It takes some athletes years to get their first major win, but at 22, Ollie looks in good stead for many titles as the champion throughout his career. We look forward to following his progress and watch him mature into one of Australia’s best long course Triathletes.

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